in progress
in progress

The ideal setup for new apps

This is the launching point for many of my latest projects. Rather than rebuilding each new project from scratch, just clone this repo and adjust to fit your needs.

Built to be the ideal setup for new apps.


  • Works with iOS & Android (uses React Native + Expo)
  • Google + Apple sign in (Google + Firebase Authentication)
  • Correctly saves & handles refresh tokens with Firebase
  • Firestore Database connection
  • React Navigation (best in class)
  • Redux Store + Thunk + Persistent storage (local & online data layer)
  • Light & Dark themes
  • Google Analytics w/ Page & Event tracking
  • Updating User Preferences locally and in Database
  • Share w/ a friend feature
  • Rate on App/Google Store feature
  • Loading states w/ Activity Indication
  • Componentized views (change once, update everywhere)
  • SVG Rendering
  • Spline 3d rendering (just for fun!)


This is a work in progress and is maintained for my own needs first.

Starter App is built with Firebase using Google and Apple Authentication. This can easily be modified, but to run the initial project you will first need to configure Firebase and Google Cloud Platform to handle Authentication.

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