– Hi, I'm Tyler 👋

I'm a product-minded
engineer who's always
building something

Currently exploring new ways to interface technology with sports @ toca. I tend to be a perfectionist so I'm trying to stay mindful of my time and attention to produce quality work and feel productive.

My goal for this year is to release a new product every month (currently on track).

In my free-time I'm experimenting with design, building mini apps, or trying out new technologies. Other than work, I'm focused on reading, learning, and challenging myself to stay active. Passions include (but definitely aren't limited to) anything outdoors, sports, and grabbing a drink with friends on the weekend.

It's funny, I studied Mechanical Engineering at university but now I'm entirely devoted to software. I like how quickly you can release and test new ideas compared to commercial products. Like this website – I built it in just a few days!

Learning React in my spare time. In love with React Native after spending the past 6 years in Swift. Happy to pick up just about any language. This website is built in Webflow because I like to edit content on the go (ps. check out WebflowCMS).

If you’re in Denver, let’s go for a walk. Reach me at the link below.

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